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Though durable, strong, and long-lasting, asphalt gets damaged over time. General wear-and-tear, temperature fluctuations and lack of regular maintenance can all contribute to pavement that needs care. Water seepage through cracks in blacktop compromises the ground underneath leading to potholes, uneven surfaces, and other damages. William Stanley and Sons offers a few options for repairing asphalt and restoring your driveway, parking lot, or other paved surfaces.

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Our Asphalt Services

Asphalt Removal and Replacement

If your pavement is beyond repairing we may need to completely remove and replace the asphalt.

With our asphalt removal and replacement procedures, your damaged pavement is completely removed and replaced to a perfectly new condition. This involves quite a few procedures with which our professional paving contractors perform with great accuracy to prevent further damage and to restore your blacktop which will last for many years to come.  

  • First, we measure and mark all the areas that we are going to remove and then saw-cut the asphalt to full depth allowing for complete removal.  
  • We remove the asphalt from the damaged area and the debris is discarded offsite for recycling, ensuring minimal disposal costs and environmentally conscious.
  • Grading existing base: After the removal, we then prepare the area to be compacted.  We also check to make sure that no further damage was done to the base.
  • Compact the subbase granular: We make sure that the stone subbase is compacted and leveled for the new asphalt.
  • Hot mix asphalt layer is applied and compacted until smooth
  • Finish layer of asphalt: Finally, a surface layer is paved on top and compacted resulting in a smooth level surface. The edges are tampered with a proper tack coat and sand sealed which promote bonding and protection from moisture and bacteria.   

Overlaying & Resurfacing

An asphalt overlay, or placing a second layer over existing asphalt, may be ideal if the foundation of your existing pavement is in good condition.

If the driveway or parking lot that needs to be repaired does not need to be completely replaced our contractors may recommend an overlay and asphalt resurfacing. Here are the steps that William Stanley & Sons takes to ensure your pavement will last for years to come.

  • Removal of high spots to transitions to other walkways: We “take off a little asphalt” off high areas to make insure a smooth transition into concrete or sidewalks.
  • Grading
  • Clean the area to be paved of dirt and debris
  • Put down a tack coat or asphalt glue.
  • Basin any areas that are low up to grade for a nice level surface.  
  • Compact the base and then put the new layer of hot asphalt down and then compact again
seal coating

Crack Fill and Sealcoat

Filling cracks and repairing potholes isn’t just for cosmetics, though they are ugly. It’s important for the life of your pavement and the safety of your family, friends, and customers. If cracks and holes are left alone water will weaken the foundational subgrade mitigating it’s load bearing capabilities and making surfaces uneven.

In order for us to professionally repair cracks and prevent further damage we:

  • Blow out and clean everything with power wire brushes to remove all dirt, moss, oil, and debris
  • Fill with a hot pour of rubber sealant to prevent moisture from getting under asphalt
  • Edging or “cutting” the edges with detail brushes
  • Apply the sealcoat

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