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We are paving contractors that provide our clients with extensive paving services for many different applications. These include, among other things, asphalt paving for driveways, sidewalks, private roads, and parking lots. Apart from primary paving services, we also provide our clients with asphalt repair, an affordable service to restore existing asphalt features that may have lost their functionality due to age and exposure to elements, and other forms of damage.

Our dedicated team of asphalt repair pavers is highly skilled and experienced when it comes to asphalt repair and other paving projects. If you make use of our services, you can expect a range of standardized steps that include grading, paver edging, consulting, paving or asphalt repair, as well as striping and sealcoating. Our services are focused on our clients’ needs, and we only consider jobs to be completed if our clients are completely satisfied with the results.

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Our Asphalt Repair Services

Asphalt Paving

In many cases, existing outdoor asphalt features may reach certain stages of disintegration, especially if these features didn’t get adequate sealing treatments or were poorly constructed. William Stanley & Sons specializes in asphalt repair to ensure that your asphalt surface and structure is durable and good to go for years to come.

Our Asphalt repair services can be used for many different features, including driveways, sports courts, sidewalks, and parking lots. These restoration projects don’t just ensure optimal functionality, but also provide maximum visual appeal.

Asphalt Repair

One of our primary business activities pertains to the construction of brand-new asphalt paving. If you want a new driveway, or any other feature to maximize your property’s value, accessibility, or functionality, we can do it for you.


In the case of both asphalt repair and paving projects, proper sealcoating is critical to ensure that your asphalt paving investment pays off in the long-run. That is because sealcoating protects your asphalt paving from harsh weather conditions, as well as the depreciation that comes with everyday use.

Since you don’t want to launch an asphalt repair project every few years, sealcoating services like those that William Stanley & Sons offers is of the utmost importance. If you skimp on sealing treatments, even high-quality asphalt paving or repair jobs won’t last for very long. We recommend sealcoating in combination with our mainstream services or as a stand-alone service for owners of properties in the greater Portland area.

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We pride ourselves on our quality asphalt repair.

An asphalt repair project is just as effective as a brand new asphalt paving project to restore the functionality and appearance of your existing outdoor asphalt features. Contact us today to discuss your asphalt paving needs.