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We've been in the business of driveway paving for more than 30 years.

We have extensive experience as driveway paving contractors and we efficiently provide paving services to the entire Portland area. Our entire service is focused on our clients and we only consider a project to be done if our client is completely satisfied with the end result. Our driveway paving services consist of more than mere asphalt paving. Keep reading to learn more about our services, and how we can help you!

As contractors, we provide an entire range of services to ensure that you have a durable driveway that is capable of handling heavy traffic for many years without crumbling, cracking, or deteriorating. These services include asphalt paving, paver edging, and sealcoating. Driveways play an integral part in the functionality and accessibility of a residential or commercial property. When constructing a new driveway, it is critical to prioritize quality and durability.

As driveway pavers, we know that a driveway provides, in most cases, the first impression of a property. The surface quality of a driveway can make or break the aesthetic appeal of a home. It is also important to ensure complete usability. That is why our driveway paving services typically consist of a standardized process which includes consulting, grading, asphalt paving, and sealcoating. Additionally, we also provide striping and paver edging for a finished effect.

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Our Driveway Paving Services

Asphalt Paving

Asphalt paving is the essence of constructing a new driveway. We work closely with property owners and developers to ensure that asphalt paving on a driveway is done in accordance to, and congruent with, the rest of the building project. We also take the needs of our clients into account to ensure that the driveway meets their personal requirements.

Since asphalt paving largely determines the durability of the driveway, it is important to work with a contractor that has extensive experience in asphalt paving for driveways and other applications.

Asphalt Repair

When you have an older building with an existing driveway, you may find that it is crumbled, cracked, or in a generally poor condition. This may not only impact the usability of the driveway, but it will also have a negative impact on the way your property looks.

As part of our driveway paving services, we also provide our clients with asphalt restoration to enhance the quality and visual appeal of your existing driveway. This means that you can have a driveway that is as good-looking and durable as a new one, without breaking the bank.

seal coating


Sealcoating is the last and one of the most important steps in the driveway paving process. We offer high-end sealcoating services to protect your driveway from the elements and vehicle tires. Proper sealcoating can greatly increase the lifespan of your new driveway.

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A property’s driveway is often overlooked when it comes to renovations and accessibility. William Stanley & Sons can provide you with affordable and high-quality driveway paving services to ensure optimal functionality and pristine aesthetic appeal. Contact us today for a fresh, new driveway!