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When it comes to high-end asphalt paving services and parking lot striping, look no further than William Stanley & Sons. We are paving contractors that have been serving the greater Portland and SW Washington area for more than 30 years. If there is one thing that we are proud of, it’s our dedication and success in meeting our clients’ needs. Asphalt paving and, more specifically, high-quality parking lot finishing and striping can provide a significant improvement to a building’s commercial value.

Our parking lot striping services aim to simplify your customers’ interaction with your business.

When customers know where they can park and how they can access your facility with the least amount of effort, they will associate your business with convenience and time-saving. Our parking lot striping and asphalt paving services are designed to provide optimal functionality and visual appeal so that your business will appear inviting and pleasant.

Our local parking lot contractors work directly with property owners and managers to determine if the existing parking lot needs to be re-striped or if a new layout would better facilitate the needs of the business.

All of our designers and contractors follow all local zoning laws and procedures for ADA handicap parking spaces and fire zone clearances and distances.

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Our Parking Lot Paving Process

Line Striping Prep & Seal Coat

Whether you are needing a restripe or a completely new layout of the commercial parking lot it is imperative that the surface is clean and dry. If a new layout is determined, the contractors will recommend a new layer of seal coat.

Sealcoating not only protects the parking lot from the elements, but also gives the blacktop a pristine black finish allowing the new parking lot lines to stand out the way they should. Depending on if there are any potholes or cracks these will also need to be repaired.

Layout & ADA Regulations

After the asphalt is dry, our contractors will then carefully measure and map out the parking lot using chalk and spray paint. The area will need to be completely barricaded and marked off to keep cars and pedestrians from contaminating the clean area.

The layout will conform to all ADA handicap regulations and local fire zone clearances.  The standard parking stall size in Oregon is 18 feet deep and 9 feet wide and can be at 45, 50, 55, 60 or 90-degree angles — depending on the depth of the parking lot and traffic flow.

seal coating

Concise Line Striping Painting

Following the asphalt maintenance and planning steps, it is now time to apply the high quality long lasting paint.  Using a parking lot striper machine and an easy to use handicap parking stencil our paving contractors will carefully paint the crisp clean lines and parking lot markers.

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