Keep your sports court at peak performance, just like the athletes who use it.

Sports court paving is integral to an athletes' play.

As paving contractors, William Stanley & Sons has more than 30 years of experience in sports court paving. Our client-centered paving services are aimed at providing the best quality at the most affordable rates. If you are the owner of a residential property or sports facility and you want to construct or restore one or more courts, keep reading to learn more about our range of asphalt paving services.

If you are the owner of a property that you would like to equip with a sports court, it is important that you use a contractor that has ample experience with bitumen paving. William Stanley & Sons are sports court pavers that provide high-quality services that typically consist of a range of steps to construct a durable and level sports court.

Our sports court paving solutions are aimed at providing our clients with sports courts and relevant striping that adheres to industry standards and authority regulations. Even private residential sports courts have to be completely level and have the appropriate measurements to ensure authenticity and optimal value for money. Other sports court paving services include grading, sealcoating, and striping. We also ensure that the sports court has the appropriate designated surface. Keep reading to learn more about the specific services that we have to offer.

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Our Sports Court Paving Services

Asphalt Paving

High-quality asphalt paving is critical when it comes to building a sports court. The quality and durability of the asphalt paving job do not only ensure maximum usability and performance of the sports court, but it also ensures optimal value in terms of visual appeal and attractiveness. William Stanley & Sons pride ourselves on our ability to construct sports courts that form part of the existing design elements, and that looks inviting.

Our professional team of sports coat pavers is also skilled in general asphalt paving applications like driveways, private roads, and parking lots.

Asphalt Repair

A sports court that is old or in bad shape due to poor construction or lacking sealcoating is a waste of space. That is because a sports court has to be in mint condition in order to be properly functional. William Stanley & Sons provide high-end asphalt restoration services to restore the sports court completely, and treat it with a seal coat to maximize its lifespan. Our asphalt restoration services is an affordable option to gain full use of your property or facility’s sports court.

seal coating


A long-lasting sealcoating application is critical to ensuring that your court remains in a pristine condition for a long time to come. Our sealcoating services will ensure that your sports court is protected from the elements, and from the depreciation caused by everyday use. Although this is the last step of the asphalt paving process, it is definitely one of the most important, especially if you want your court to contribute to the value of your property.

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Athletes playing on damaged pavement are more prone to injury.

Whether you’re a coach, athlete or owner of the team – you can’t discount the extreme value of a well paved sports court. Contact us today to discuss your sports court paving needs!