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A Good Asphalt Paving Job vs. A Bad Asphalt Paving Job

By May 16, 2019Driveway Paving
good asphalt paving vs bad asphalt paving

When it comes to paving jobs, most people are primarily concerned with the way that it looks upon completion. If the finished paving job looks great, it is easy to fall into the trap of believing that it has been done correctly. However, there is more to a good asphalt paving job than initially meets the eye. In this post, we will be showing you how to spot the difference between a job well done and one that hasn’t been completed with quality in mind.

Some Things to Look for During the Job

When you are in the beginning stages of hiring somebody to do asphalt paving work, some things will tell you right of the bat if you’re likely to receive a quality job. Asphalt contractors who are just out to make a quick buck will neglect to pay attention to the small details. To avoid working with a company like this, you should make sure that your paving contractor offers all the services mentioned below.

A Thick Asphalt Overlay: Ideally, the company should have a standard of setting down at least two inches of asphalt. Some companies will only use one inch in an attempt to save money, which leads to premature cracking and poor stability beneath the surface. If you hire a company that only uses one inch of asphalt, it is a sign that you are likely to get a lousy paving job.

A Seamless Transition: A good paving contractor will ensure that the new layer of asphalt blends smoothly with the old coating. This is particularly important when it comes to driveway paving. Asphalt driveways that do not have a smooth transition from the driveway to the main road can be bumpy and unpleasant to drive on. Once the job is done, look over this section of the driveway and ensure it is free of bumps.

Water Drainage Technology: Water has the power to erode asphalt quickly. This can have disastrous consequences and lead to structural damage. If you find that water is pooling in your parking lots or other paved surfaces, it is likely that your contractor did not follow proper drainage protocol.

Taking the Time to Prime: Applying primer after a fresh coat of asphalt is an important step. It assists the new layer that has been put down with correctly adhering to the surface on which it was applied. Without the proper application of primer, you may find your new paving job crumbling over the top of the old asphalt underneath.

If you are looking for a Portland asphalt paving company, take the time to ensure they offer all the things listed above. This process will set you up for receiving a paving job that’ll last for years to come. Otherwise, you may find yourself at the hands of a bad contractor who will leave you disappointed and with wasted money. Whether it’s a large project or simple driveway paving, William Stanley & Sons Paving we take the measures necessary to ensure that you get a good asphalt paving job.

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