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William Stanley & Sons paving contractors have been in business for more than 30 years paving asphalt. One of the most common paving services that we provide revolves around parking lots for commercial clients. If you are the owner of a property that is in need of a high-quality parking lot, keep reading to learn more about commercial asphalt paving services. 

Attract more customers with a pleasant parking experience.

Parking lots of commercial buildings play an integral role in a property’s accessibility, functionality, and safety. Companies in high-traffic areas that don’t have sufficient parking facilities typically attract fewer customers. This is because people generally value convenience.

William Stanley & Sons provides this for their commercial clients.

Whether it’s adding a new parking lot or restoring the one that already exists,  we can help. Our parking lot paving services usually consist of a series of steps that include design consultation, grading, asphalt paving, line striping, and seal coating. All of our services are conducted by our highly efficient contractors in a quality, cost-effective manner.

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Parking Lot Paving Services

Asphalt Paving

At the center of parking lot construction lies asphalt paving. As paving contractors, we have ample experience and expertise that enables us to provide our clients with the best possible asphalt paving at the lowest possible input costs.

The quality of asphalt paving can determine the lifespan and durability of the building’s parking lot. That is why it is necessary to work with paving contractors that have ample experience in asphalt paving in a wide variety of applications. William Stanley & Sons have extensive experience in asphalt paving for driveways, sports courts, and private roads as well.

Parking Lot Asphalt Repair

An old and run-down parking lot that is crumbled, cracked or deteriorating offers reduced functionality. It can also give a bad first impression to your potential customers. As part of our parking lot paving services, William Stanley & Sons also provides asphalt repair to restore old parking lots back to their former glory. Our restoration services will ensure that your building’s parking lot looks as good as new. It will also be as durable as the new one, but more affordable.

seal coating


Parking lots are typically exposed to harsh sun, rain, and a lot of traffic. That is why we provide our clients with high-quality sealcoating to protect and prolong the lifespan of their parking lots. Without sealcoating, even the best asphalt paving will start showing early signs of aging and disintegration. Making use of our sealcoating services will enable your business to make use of the parking lot for many years, and increase the value of your money.

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A brand new parking lot attracts customers and improves real estate value.

Parking lots are an integral part of your business’s fixed assets. Making use of our services does not constitute mere routine property expenses, but rather an investment that increases the value and functionality of your property. Contact us today to discuss your parking lot paving needs.