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William Stanley & Sons is a family business with more than 30 years of experience with asphalt paving. We are focused on providing our clients with cost-effective and client-oriented services and advice to ensure complete client satisfaction. We work with property owners and developers to ensure asphalt paving and restoration of the highest quality. If you are interested in optimizing your property’s value, keep reading to learn more about our extensive paving services.

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William Stanley & Sons are paving contractors that serve the entire Portland area. We provide a wide range of asphalt paving services to both residential and commercial property owners and developers. Our services are not limited to the type or size of the project, and if you are in need of high-quality asphalt paving solutions, we will be able to help you.

Our asphalt paving projects typically consist of a standardized process that includes a consultation, grading, paving, and sealcoating. We also provide multiple add-on services like striping and paver edging. Since our asphalt paving services are so versatile, you won’t have to employ the services of multiple contractors when you are working with us.

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Our Paving Services

Asphalt Paving

Asphalt Paving is one of our primary activities. When taking on a new asphalt paving project, we place a heavy emphasis on cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and quality service delivery. We keep our input costs as low as possible without compromising quality to make sure that our services are as affordable as possible to you, our client.

Your needs as property owner also enjoy a high priority during the project, not only in terms of your asphalt paving needs but also when it comes to completion time and logistics. Our asphalt services include but are not limited to driveways, parking lots, sidewalks, and private roads.

Asphalt Repair Services

In many cases, property owners are stuck with existing asphalt paving that has seen much better days. These property owners are usually not able to use them optimally and they can also be an eyesore. In addition to our paving services, William Stanley & Sons also provide high-end asphalt restoration and repair services that can extend the life of any surface. If you want to restore your existing asphalt paving to a point of complete functionality and visual perfection, we can help you.  

seal coating


William Stanley & Sons provide sealcoating as a stand-alone service or in combination with an asphalt paving or restoration service. Sealcoating is widely regarded as the most important step in the asphalt paving project as it ensures a long lifespan. A newly constructed or restored asphalt paving will be subjected to harsh elements and everyday use by pedestrians or motorists. This will eventually lead to deterioration of your asphalt paving unless you make use of our high-end sealcoating services.

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When it comes to affordable asphalt paving services in the Portland area, you don’t need to look any further than William Stanley & Sons. We have an excellent track record and many returning customers. If you want to partner up with a reliable asphalt paving service contractor, contact us today.