Common Paving Questions From Our Clients

What is Asphalt Made of?

Asphalt is a binding material that creates a hard surface when combined with crushed stone, gravel, and sand. These materials are heated and mixed together, which gives asphalt a smooth and uniform look.

Asphalt is a great paving material that can provide a cost-effective and long-lasting solution for most paving projects, including roads, parking lots, and driveways.

Can Asphalt be Recycled?

80 million tons of asphalt are reclaimed and recycled every year in the United States. Other materials, such as rubber and steel, are often recycled into asphalt, which prevents these materials from being thrown into landfills.

How Long Should an Asphalt Parking Lot Last?

An asphalt parking lot should last approximately 15 – 20 years. After that time period, it is likely that you will need to repair, resurface, or replace the asphalt. Factors like climate, base conditions, and the amount of traffic can all have an effect on how long your parking lot lasts.

Regular maintenance can also help prolong the life of your asphalt. Filling cracks when they appear and applying sealer every few years will prevent the surface from deteriorating and keep it looking good.

Will the Paving Address Drainage?

A reputable paving contractor will work with you to ensure proper drainage, as this is a required component of any paving project.

Water left on the surface of asphalt pavement will cause the asphalt to break down and allow potholes to form. Proper drainage keeps the water moving and prevents it from pooling on the surface.

Failure to provide adequate drainage could result in pavement that deteriorates quicker and could even lead to structural water damage.

Can You Pave Over Concrete?

While it is possible to pave over concrete, doing so is not usually recommended. Paving over concrete will typically result in cracks forming in your asphalt.

How Long Should I Stay Off New Asphalt?

You should stay off of new asphalt for 24 hours under normal circumstances. Add an extra day (for a total of 48 hours) if weather has been very warm.

How Do I Hire the Best Paving Contractor?

Hiring the wrong paving contractor can increase the cost of your project and result in more hassles. Don’t wind up stuck with a parking lot or driveway that looks awful or deteriorates right away.

Before signing a contract with any paving company, make sure they have sufficient experience and have successfully completed projects like yours in the past. Ask what kinds of materials and equipment they use and what their plan is for making sure your project is as cost-effective as possible.

A reputable paving company should happily answer all your questions and share past reviews from satisfied clients. Avoid uninsured contractors and anyone who tries to pressure you into signing a contract before you can perform your due diligence.

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